May 2024

The man on the picture liberated himself when he jumped from a so-called Libyan Coast Guards ship into the sea and escaped an intended pushback to Libya. A few days after, the IUVENTA crew liberated themselves from a seven-year long odyssey of criminalization, after the court finally had to drop all charges. Celebrated as a public holiday in Italy, the 25th of April marks the day in 1945 when a call was launched on nationwide radio broadcast for a popular uprising and general strike against the Nazi occupation and Fascist regime in Italy. At the same time, still and again, rescue ships continue to be detained and blocked by the Italian post-fascist government, while the EU strives to tighten the externalization of its brutal border regime. During the last weeks, billion euro deals with Egypt and with Lebanon have been initiated to control and to deter migration movements… For liberation of all, the struggles continue!

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