April 4While Mare Jonio is conducting a rescue of a case alerted by AlarmPhone the Libyan Coast Guard violently intervenes, maneuvering recklessly near the operation, firing shots first into the air, then near one of MJ’s RHIBs. 56 people were rescued, many of whom had jumped into the water to try and escape the Libyan Coast Guard (1)
April 6Mare Jonio is placed in administrative detention and given a fine of 10,000 euro for violating the Piantedosi decree.
April 7Ocean Viking rescues 55 people from a wooden boat in the Libyan SAR. They had initially reached out to AlarmPhone (2)
April 19Detention of Humanity 1 is lifted, the court having found that rescue operations were conducted in accordance with the applicable law.
April 20Brindisi court lifts detention of Ocean Viking.
April 26Sea Watch 5 rescues 47 people from an unstable dinghy. AlarmPhone provided the initial alert (3)