3 JanuaryOpen Arms rescues two boats adrift with 6 and 52 people on board, one of which first contacted the AlarmPhone for assistance. After disembarkation in Salerno two days later, a 17 and 20-year-old are arrested, accused of having facilitated illegal entry into national territory.
11 JanuaryGeo Barents rescues 37 people on an overcrowded fiberglass in the international waters off the Libyan Coasts. Naples is assigned as POS (1).
18 JanuaryHumanity 1 rescues 126 from an overcrowded, unseaworthy wooden boat in international waters. AlarmPhone alerted the case before all are brought safely onboard the NGO ship. Ortona, requiring an additional 3 days at sea for the survivors, is assigned as POS. 57 people are rescued by Open Arms in degrading weather conditions from three small boats.
25 JanuaryGeo Barents rescues 68 people from three unseaworthy fiberglass boats. Genova is assigned as POS.
28 JanuaryHumanity 1 assists in the rescue of 42 people who had alerted AlarmPhone and were spotted by Seabird (2). Unfortunately, 6 additional people from the same boat had previously been intercepted by a merchant vessel, their fate unknown.
29 JanuaryOcean Viking rescues 71 people from an overcrowded rubber boat, first spotted by Seabird in Libyan SAR(3).
30 JanuarySeaWatch 5 rescues 50 people from an overcrowded wooden vessel spotted by Seabird. Civitavecchia is assigned as Place of Safety (PoS).