1 FebruaryHumanity 1 spots an overcrowded wooden boat with 64 people. Survivors are brought on board and the distant port of Marina di Carrara, 1.200 kilometers away, is assigned. The NGO vessel notified relevant authorities of distress case, including Libyan Coast Guard, which had a vessel a few nautical miles away that never attempted to contact the NGO.
5 FebruaryGeo Barents rescues 134 people who had reached out to AlarmPhone from an overcrowded double deck wooden boat.
6 FebruaryOcean Viking responded to the distress case located in international waters off the coast of Libya. After rescuing 110 people, Ortona, 1.420km away, is assigned as POS. Over the course of the day, Ocean Viking performs an additional 3 rescues: a wooden boat with 49 people that was listing dangerously, 58 people from a rubber boat, and 44 from a fiberglass boat.
17 FebruaryAlarmPhone is alerted to two distress cases, one rubber boat with over 60 people and another case of 19 people stranded on an oil rig, having gotten there by swimming after the boat they were on began to take on water. Geo Barents, on the way to the oil rig, first rescues the 60 on the rubber boat before bringing aboard the remaining 19 stranded on the oil platform. Tragically, 1 person from the rubber boat was found dead, and another passed away aboard Geo Barents. An additional 3 people are missing from the group on the oil rig, having stayed on the distress boat.
19 FebruaryWhile on the way to Bari, 37 people spotted by Pilotes Volontaires and coordinated with AlarmPhone are rescued by Geo Barents. The people reported being at sea 4 days, and despite asking for help from authorities, waited countless hours for assistance before being found by the NGO vessel (1).
20 FebruaryBrindisi judge suspends the administrative detention of the Ocean Viking. For magistrate Roberta Marra, the measures issued by the Italian government blocking humanitarian ships are illegitimate, on the basis of the Piantedosi decree.
27 FebruarySea Watch 5 rescues 45 people from an unseaworthy boat, in time to avoid bad weather and 3m high waves forecasted for the following days. The port of Catania is assigned (2).
28 FebruaryAfter an alert by AlarmPhone, Sea Eye 4 rescues 57 people in the Maltese SAR. Tragically, 2 bodies are also recovered during the rescue operation and four others remain in critical conditions (3).