We’ll Come United invites all to an anti-racist conference from April 26 to 28, 2024 in Frankfurt. The huge, Germany-wide protests against the extreme right impressively show that millions of people stand against Nazis and racist politics. At the same time, the Ampel-government is carrying out an unprecedented policy of deportation and exclusion. Basic rights of asylum seekers are thrown overboard on a daily basis.

This makes it all the more important that the perspectives of anti-racist and self-organized groups are loud and visible. Our resistance is directed against the ongoing restrictions and brutalization! We stand in solidarity with the unbroken migration movements, which have proven stronger than ever in the past years.

We want to create a powerful transnational space on podiums and in workshops: for exchange and empowerment in everyday struggles and for concrete strategies and mobilizations in 2024. Together we will discuss struggles against deportation, camps and immigration authorities, the strengthening of solidarity structures along the migration routes and the backgrounds of flight and migration.


Freedom of movement and equal rights for all.

We oppose deportations with our solidarity on a wider scale.

No border lasts forever!

Contact: mail@welcome-united.org