Commemoraction is self-organizing of this mostly affected by the consequences of the border regime. We know from the history of all the struggles for finding the truth that death in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Atlantic, in the desert and along the borders is still invisibilized in its consequences. Families and friends are often left alone in their grief and with their rage

On Thursday, September 6, 2012, a boat carrying about 130 people from the region of Sfax sank in the vicinity of the Lampionne islet 19km from Lampedusa. Only 56 people were rescued. Ten years later, families are still without any news of their loved ones but are louder than ever demanding truth, about a disappearance made by the European Union.

Picture: Inkyfada

Zarzis, usually portrayed as a „main departure point“ for Haragas while the solidarity movement existing within the city is usually invisible. A city where fishermen have been rescuing people at sea for 20 years, have been criminalized by Italian authorities, their fishing vessels detained by the so-called LCG yet no border regime have stopped them from doing a duty that authorities have always failed to do. A city where individuals have put all their efforts to give a name and a story for the people that were washing ashore its coasts.

We will gather in September from the 3rd to 6th of September 2022 in Zarzis.Together; families from different African countries, fishermen and activists to commemorate those who have been forced to disappear due the murderous regime of the European Union

Discussions and workshops will take place to create a greater network to fight the current border regime, to denounce the racist policies of the EU and hold it accountable for the violence that they are causing for the last 30 years.

Echoes#1 – July 2022

3 to 6 September 2022