JULY 2023

1 July Through the night, Humanity 1 (SOS Humanity) rescues 201 people over the course of 5 rescue operations. The distant port of Ortona is assigned, requiring an unnecessary 3.5 additional days of journey.
3 July Geo Barents (Médecins sans Frontières) in collaboration with civil aircraft Colibri 2 (Pilotes Volontaires) respond to a distress case in the Maltese SAR zone, rescuing 51 people from an unseaworthy wooden boat.
6 July Alarm Phone receives a distress call and forwards it to authorities and NGOs. Open Arms finds the wooden boat that had gone adrift with 100 people who had left Libya 3 days prior (1).
7 July Ocean Viking (SOS Mediteranée) first heads to 46 people in a fiberglass boat in distress spotted by Seabird 2 (Sea-Watch), then to another rescue of 11people who had previously called the Alarm Phone (2).
11 July Colibri 2 provides Humanity 1 with aerial assistance during 4 rescues of 200 people who had left Tunisia (3). The vessel is assigned the distant port of Anacona, 1400km from the rescues.
12 July Aurora (Sea Watch) responds to 2 distress cases, on with 80 people and another with 40, one of which had initially called the Alarm Phone. Both groups departing from Libya were brought to Lampedusa.
14 July During the night, Nadir (RESQSHIP) rescued 91 people from two boats in danger of capsizing while on the way to the Aurora, which needed assistance with several unseaworthy vessels. Earlier that day, Nadir had already responded to a distress case, bringing aboard 100 people as instructed by the Italian authorities. With the assistance of Colibri 2, Aurora spots 11 boats in distress. Over the course of many hours, Aurora helps to stabilize the situation by providing life vests and life rafts to 485 people, 52 of whom are taken aboard the Aurora which is then assigned the distant port of Trapani (4).
15 July Geo Barents makes its way to 41 people on an unseaworthy rubber boat spotted by Seabird. 12 boats in distress are rescued by Geo Barents in coordination with Colibri 2 and Mare*Go (Zusammenland) (5). In total, 465 people are brought onboard, 116 of whom are disembarked in Lampedusa, with the remaining forced to wait for disembarkation in the distant port of Livorno.
18 July Nadir in collaboration with Colibri 2 assists 341 people in distress, 138 of whom are taken aboard. Everyone is able to safely disembark in Lampedusa (6).
20 July Alarm Phone receives a distress call from a vessel and Life Support (Emergency) responds. On the way, 3 other boats in distress are found, totaling 184 people (7).
24 July 72 people in 2 boats are rescued by Open Arms following calls to the Alarm Phone and air reconnaissance by Seabird 2.
31 July Louise Michel finds an iron boat with 43 people that departed from Sfax. The boat, initially spotted near another which had been rescued by the Italian Coast Guard, was left for more than 6 hours in worsening weather conditions causing it to begin filling with water.

Article published in Echoes#8 – Struggles for Freedom of Movement