1 December In the afternoon, the Geo Barrents rescues 44 people from 2 fiberglass boats in distress. Among the survivors there are 4 children less than 3 years old, 4 women and several unaccompanied minors.
3 December Administrative detention for the rescue ship Humanity 1 after disembarkation in Crotone of 200 shipwrecked people rescued in international waters.
18 December Sea Eye 4 rescues 26 people from two unseaworthy boats. The initial alert was made by AlarmPhone.
24 December 119 people are rescued in two rescue operations with the help of the Alarm Phone. Everyone is brought safely on board the Sea-Watch 5. Seabird supported from the air (1).
27 December Ocean Viking performs three rescues. During the night, itfirst rescued 122 people, including 8 unaccompanied minors, from an overcrowded wooden boat. Around midday, an overcrowded double deck wooden boat was spotted in the international waters off Libya from the bridge lookout. 106 people are brought on board. While the fast rescue boats were still on the water, Colibri2 spotted an unseaworthy fiberglass boat, 14NM away. 16 survivors were rescued, under Italian coordination. The Italian authorities assigned Bari as a Place of Safety. 55 people in distress call Alarm Phone. Seabird spots them and the crew of Sea-Watch 5 carries out a successful rescue operation.
29 December Geo Barrents rescues 336 people in distress at sea from three overcrowded wooden boats. Ravenna, +/- 4 days of navigation away, is assigned as POS. Open Arms rescues around 55 people then carried out the first evacuation in Lampedusa of a 9-month pregnant woman. Genova is assigned as POS, requiring a few days of navigation.
30 December Ocean Viking is detained for a minimal deviation from its course to respond to a distress alert on the way to Bari. The prior 3 rescues of 244 persons were carried out under coordination by maritime authorities (2).


ECHOES Issue 10, January 2024 – English