2 SeptemberThe sailing vessel Nadir (RESQSHIP) spots and assists a wooden boat in distress and alerts authorities and NGOs nearby. The Sea-Eye 4 (Sea-Eye) responds first and rescues the 76 people.
6 SeptemberAlerted by Alarm Phone, the Rise Above (Mission Lifeline) rescues 53 people in distress. Later the rescued people are transshipped to the better equipped Sea-Eye 4. In the meantime, Nadir finds a rubber boat in distress off Libya. In a joint operation with Humanity 1 (SOS Humanity), the 111 people are also rescued (1).
8 SeptemberSea-Watch 3 (Sea-Watch) is able to take 128 people on board from 2 boats in distress. The people had previously reached out to the Alarm Phone.
9 SeptemberAlarm Phone receives two distress calls from people at sea. 72 people on a wooden boat are rescued by Humanity 1, while the 80 people aboard a rubber boat are rescued by Sea-Watch 3, which also finds a further 55 people in distress on the way.
10 SeptemberAfter a very rare alert from Frontex aircraft Osprey 3, Humanity 1 rescues 25 people from a small rubber boat, while Sea-Watch 3 finds 18 people on a fiberglass boat further south.
11 SeptemberSea-Watch 3 rescues 113 people from 5 different boats. Three of these boats previously reached out to Alarm Phone (2).
13 SeptemberHumanity 1 rescues 207 people from a boat which departed from Lebanon one week previously. The people reached out to Alarm Phone once their engine stopped working in the middle of the Ionian Sea (3).
15 SeptemberAlarm Phone receives a distress call from 20 people on a rubber boat. When Open Arms Uno (Proactiva Open Arms) arrives on scene, one woman is already missing (4).
17 SeptemberOpen Arms Uno embarks 59 people and recovers one dead body from an oil platform off Libya. Alarm Phone was in contact with the people, who climbed onto the nearby platform after their boat had broken down (5). In another long rescue operation, which laststhroughout the night, Open Arms Uno rescues 294 people from a large fishing vessel which had departed from Egypt. The aircraft Colibri 2 (Pilotes Volontaires) successfully supports the search. The people had reached out to Alarm Phone previously (6).
18 SeptemberAlarm Phone forwards a distress call from 30 people fleeing Libya. Colibri 2 supports the search from the air and Open Arms Uno rescues the boat in the night.
21 SeptemberAfter an alert via Alarm Phone, Colibri 2 helps the Nadir to take 35 people in distress on board. Later, Seabird 1 (Sea Watch) supports Nadir in stabilizing another 40 people in distress until the Italian Coast Guard eventually takes the group on board. Geo Barents (Médecins Sans Frontières) rescues 76 people from a rubber boat off Libya which had previously reached out to Alarm Phone.
29 SeptemberAfter 88 people in distress reach out to Alarm Phone, Colibri 2 supports the rescue of the group by the Louise Michel.