It makes a difference: a Diary of Rescue Coordination by Civil Actors in the Central Mediterranean Sea

Alarm Phone received 57 distress calls from Libya. 22 of these have been rescued by NGO vessels (Sea Watch 3, Sea Watch 4, Mare Jonio, Imara, Sea Eye 4, Aita Mari, Nadir, Louise Michel, Ocean Viking, Geo Barents), 13 got intercepted by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard.

All in all, we know of 34 boats from Libya and 77 boats from Tunisia who arrived autonomously in Lampedusa. 1 boat has been rescued by a Merchant Vessel.

Among departures from Libya, we reported minimum: 58 dead, 25 missing, in 5 shipwrecks.

2 JuneAfter an Alarm Phone’s alert, the Sea Watch 3 rescued 49ppl and a bit later found another group of 25ppl.
3 JuneSea Watch 3 rescues 99ppl which called Alarm Phone and spots another distress case of 49ppl.
5 JuneThe NGO vessels Sea Watch 3 and Mare Jonio (Mediterranea – Saving Humans) followed an Alarm Phone‘s alert and managed to rescue 85ppl together and Mare Jonio right after rescued another boat in distress. The so-called LCG tried unsuccessfully to hinder the rescue operation (case detailed on p.9).
6 JuneThe sailing Vessel Imara (R42sailtraining) found 63ppl in distress (5) and the bigger Mare Jonio came and took everybody on board (6).
9 JuneAfter an ultimatum launch by Mediterranea Saving Humans (heading to the coasts of Sicily to disembark people and to weigh down the pressure on Lampedusa), the rescued people on the Sea Watch 3 and Mare Jonio are allowed ashore in Pozzallo.
13 JuneSea Eye 4 rescues 63ppl who called Alarm Phone for help after having departed Abu Kammash, Western Libya.
14 JuneAita Mari (Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario) rescues 11 travelers who reached out to Alarm Phone.
15 JuneSeabird 1 from Sea Watch airborne spots 19ppl in distress and guides the vessel Nadir to the people in distress and as it was close to Lampedusa, they alerted the Italian Coast Guard which took over the people (7). At the same time further south the Sea Eye 4 and Aita Mari rescues another 347ppl from 3 boats in distress.
16 JuneAita Mari rescues 40ppl which called the Alarm Phone (8). Sea Eye 4 rescues 76ppl which called the Alarm Phone.
17 JuneThe fast boat Louise Michel follows a Frontex airplane and found and rescued 17ppl which were about to be illegally intercepted back to Libya. The same day the Louise rescued another 96 people which called the Alarm Phone. In the meantime, Aita Mari rescued another 45ppl which called the Alarm Phone.
18 JuneNadir finds 29ppl in distress, while Louise Michel rescues a 52ppl rubber boat which had called the Alarm Phone. The Sea Watch aircraft Seabird 1 spots another boat in distress and is able to alert a nearby Merchant Vessel which rescues the 96ppl. All people of the 3 rescues have later been transferred onboard the Sea Watch 4 so the other vessels could stay in the area and continue assisting people on the move (case detailed on p.9).
20 JuneSea Watch 4 is able to rescue 23ppl which have been spotted by Seabird 1 (9).
23 JuneNadir rescues 19ppl which have been calling Alarm Phone.
24 JuneLouise Michel rescues 59ppl which have been found by a passing fishing vessel which sent out a May Day (10). Ocean Viking found little 15ppl boat while patrolling.
26 JuneOcean Viking rescues 75ppl off the Libyan coast.
27 JuneGeo Barents follows a distress alert of Alarm Phone. Once the vessel arrived on scene, the boat in distress collapsed. around 30 women, men and children of the 100ppl went missing. (11) Another boat in the area is rescued by the Ocean Viking.
30 JuneOcean Viking helps another 3 boats in distress to realize their freedom of movement: 49ppl called the Alarm Phone before. Another 14ppl could be found by Seabird 1 after Alarm Phone only was in contact with worried relatives who lost contact to the people. On the way back North, Ocean Viking found another 8ppl in the open sea.

Echoes#1 – July 2022